Hysterically funny weblog about a new Texan

This fake weblog from Inluminent is a funny intro to Texas weather and problems with it. However the author, who lived in Dallas and now lives in Austin, missed it when he placed the blogger in Houston. We get way too much rain to have cacti in the backyard. Even in a drought year like this one.

If you are from Texas, you will roar with laughter. If you aren't, you may be glad you're not after this. As a native Texan who has lived lots of other places (New York, North Carolina, Arizona, Indiana, and Switzerland), I can tell you it's pretty accurate.

For extreme cat lovers, there is an entry which might upset you.

Also, this guy often includes naked or semi-naked women in his articles as attention getters.

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  1. fwiw, that all came from an email I got from a buddy, I just turned it into a weblog entry 😉


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