Romance Novels: this month

Last Seen is a fun book about a single mom and the strange guy who moves in next door. He thinks she's a prostitute. He says he's a painter. But neither are true. Thankfully the truth, about him, is told before they have sex. I hate it when they have sex before all those secrets are revealed. It's an interesting story. There will be another in the series in October, I think.

Practice Makes Mr. Perfect is about a cop who wants to marry a rich lady. So he gets his neighbor to help him practice romance. Unfortunately, the neighbor is not as experienced as he thinks and she falls in love with him. It's an interesting tale about friends becoming lovers.

Bordering on Obsession is about a secretary who wants to have a one night stand with her boss without endangering her job. She manages it and they both have a great time. Then he wants more. He thinks about putting up a billboard. She nixes that idea. (Rich movie mogul seeks naked woman in mask for great sex. 555-5555.- He'd get way too many calls.) How do they get together? It's a fun and erotic tale.

Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann is the sixth, I think, in her Navy Seal Team Sixteen series. I would guess it is also the last since it raps up three of the romances you met in other books. It is a good read. Talks about terrorism today. Her best book is Get Lucky, but this one is very good.

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  1. hmm, did you read boy next door by meg cabot? I loved that one myself 🙂

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