Planning a Class

It has been a long time since tenth grade. A long time since I was in it. A long time since I last taught it.

Now I have to plan two classes. One eighth/ninth grade. One tenth/eleventh grade. I know it is easier if I have it planned out in advance. But I am not quite sure how much I can get done in an hour and a half in these grades. How much can I assume the kids know? How much can they take in at once?

We are covering four subjects in three hours each week. Vocabulary. Grammar. Literature. Writing. I think I can guestimate how much time I need for the first three. Just talk out loud and see how it goes. But writing? Teaching that is what I do, but I've never used this curriculum before. I don't really even know what it is. I have to watch 12 hours of video for instruction this next week.

I want these classes to be fun. They will be easier for me and for the students if they are fun. But I also know that it is hard to keep them fun if you don't plan far enough ahead of time. If you are going by the seat of your pants, then you get done what has to be done, not what would be good to do.

I want to do these classes so that the kids

1. learn and retain the most possible

2. enjoy the experience

3. don't have too much homework

You know, that's pretty much my goal for every class I teach. I guess since I didn't get to pick any of the books I am a little more nervous than I would be otherwise.