I was kidding about the serial killers in my last post (I hope). However, you don't really know who is going to commit murder and who isn't.

I teach college. One semester I had a class of about 20 students, freshman remedial English. I had 17 year olds for whom English was a second language and a 65 year old lady who was just too wacked out to be able to write a coherent sentence. Then I had a lot of 18, 19 year olds who just hadn't gotten it the first time and needed someone else to practice on.

If you had told me that someone in that class would commit a murder by the end of the year, I would not have had any trouble identifying her. It's the 65 year old post-menopausal lady who is in love with a married man and thinks God is going to kill his wife and give him to my student so that they can repopulate Israel. (Apparently there weren't enough problems in Israel at the time.) I mean, ask for a murderer and that's who I would have picked out.

That's not who killed another teacher. The teacher was a young woman. Just like I was at the time. For some reason, he didn't murder me. Maybe my car wasn't nice enough. I definitely did not have enough credit cards. I didn't have any credit cards. For whatever reason, I wasn't the one my student murdered. I am very glad for that.