8-9-03 Con25

The snakeskins were blue and rode up her legs, over her hips, and way above her waist. Her ribs stopped the blue snakeskins abruptly and a little too late. Her high heels were open backed and sexy. They contrasted dramatically with the snakeskin slacks.

Even as I thought of writing the snakeskins down, the Dracula lady opened a side door. She drives a red Miata with a black convertible top. The top matched her outfit. Black high heels were topped with tight black slacks. Her blouse, a black fishnet which didn't even attempt to cover her shoulders, caught my eye. Some art, also black, dotted her shoulder and pulled my eyes away from the silver ring dangling from her nose.

The panel was four regular guys, left old, right young. But the woman with the purple hair dominated the visual landscape.

We were here as academics to discuss science fiction as a literary genre. And sci fi folks wonder why we (sf readers) have a reputation.