Castro, Stalin, Kruschev= Conservatives

World Net Daily adds the information that the academics of the study felt that Castro and Stalin are conservatives.

“From our perspective, these psychological factors are capable of contributing to the adoption of conservative ideological contents, either independently or in combination,” they wrote, according to a press release issued by the University of California at Berkeley.

“Conservatives don't feel the need to jump through complex, intellectual hoops in order to understand or justify some of their positions, he said, according to the Berkeley news release.”

“Berkeley's Sulloway said the research is the first of its kind, synthesizing vast amount of information to produce an “elegant and unifying explanation” for political conservatism under the rubric of “motivated social cognition.”

The article goes on and on. It does not purport to add to the comments of the study, but simply by selecting which comments were quoted, the World Net Daily lets you know they are liberals.

This whole study, to use an old-fashioned expression, is horse hockey.