Big Mouth, Insert Foot

Was at a party for my husband's work. The boss hired all his siblings. One is a CPA and is the entire HR department. One works tech support. One works at something else. He hired his nephew recently to do tech support too. One of the sibs is a single mom with three kids who doesn't always show up for work. In fact, according to the boss's wife (and the boss) the boss pays for her house, so that the kids will have a decent place to live. I know he bought her car.

Made a comment about how sometimes having money (like the boss does) means that the person, even though they have a strong work ethic, enable other people to be lazy or not work. I specified the sister I was speaking about. Stupid me. “Oh, she works! She works hard. She's only absent when the kids are sick.” (They must be very sick.)

I know that being a single mom is hard work. But it's only one of two jobs people have. If this woman weren't employed by her brother, she wouldn't be able to miss a day a week. Not and keep her job.

However, I should have kept my mouth shut. I did figure it out eventually. But I didn't manage to undo the damage.