Sick stuff

A guy rapes a baby, takes pictures of it, pleads guilty, and gets five years in jail. Read about the furor here.

I wanted to know about recidivism in sex offenders–that is, the likelihood they would repeat. I googled it and found this. Doren (1998), in a review of the research, reports that the true recidivism base rate over 25 years for extrafamilial sexual abusers is 52% and for rapists is 39%.?

That's a bit more than “not likely to do it again.” And who cares if he's likely to do it again? That little girl is going to live with that for eighty years. I think he shouldn't get out till she's at least grown up. What about all the other little girls around him?

1 thought on “Sick stuff

  1. I agree, that is truly sickening. That man should get life for raping, out of anyone, a baby?


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