What is sexy?

Read a blog comment on Reactuate about what is sexy. He's trying to define what guys think is sexy. He came up with the idea that good looking woman + high respect toward the guy= sexy.

I want to talk about what girls find sexy. Since I am a girl, I think I can address this issue. Looks are good. However, like guys who prefer different types, women also have different preferences. My husband is a tall skinny guy with light brown hair. He's not the kind of guy I automatically think is sexy. My looks preference is for darker skin, black hair, and dark eyes. But just because a guy looks gorgeous, doesn't mean I find him sexy. I think a lot of it relates to how they act, too. The most gorgeous guy on the planet who smokes is not sexy to me. I hate smoking. Or if he's rude. Or if he disses his lady.

Looks are not the only determiner of sexy for women. I like nice biceps and tight rounded butts, but I've known plenty of people without those who I found sexy. If he talks to me, maybe flirts, if he is polite, if he seems genuinely interested in me… All those things are sexy. If he works hard at being a loving husband and/or father, I find that sexy. In the old days (back when I was single), the way he touched me or invaded my space also made a determination on sexy.

I found a series of posts attempting to define sexy. It mentions looks and attitude.

A funny site about University of Florida's sexiest male teachers. There were female teachers nominated, but they declined the honor. I guess they didn't want to have info about them on the net? Or maybe they didn't want to feed into the whole stereotype thing?

I think it's a sales place, but this site talks about sexy clothes and sexy being having confidence in yourself.

I found a couple of other post links, that mostly had nothing to say. One did say “confidence without having a superior attitude appreciating everything, not just the exterior laugh lines.”

An interesting site about what Ethiopian males do to try to look attractive and one person's response to that list.

This article is about how more and more older women are getting younger guys. (I already knew that. I'm 3 years older than hubby.) But it also defines sexy in the article, which is why it popped up when I googled “define sexy.” This article says it's looking like they can still have healthy kids. Hmmm. Think I am beyond that now.

3 thoughts on “What is sexy?

  1. I am not sure I was clear in here. I do think my husband is incredibly sexy. But it’s not his looks that make him sexy to me.

    It’s the way he listens when I talk, touches me, kisses me, wants to do things with me, calls me on the phone, ichats me…

    It’s the way he treats me that is incredibly sexy.

    And I think he’s cute, too. Because he is.

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