Body for Life

That's what I'm going for. A body for life. A healthy body I can live with. A healthy brain that works.

Body for Life has the plan that works best for me. It's a life long doable plan. I need that. I don't just need a weight loss plan, though it's that. I don't just need an exercise plan, though it's that. I need something that I can do for the rest of my life and feel good about doing it.

If you go read the success stories, some of them are incredibly inspiring. I need that–inspiration. But what I need more than that is good health. I have problems which are exaserbated by being overweight. They are better now, because I have lost forty pounds. But they're even better when I am actually doing BFL and working out regularly and eating right.

I haven't lost any weight so far this week. That's okay. I'm going for the long haul. What made me give it up was that I hadn't lost any weight for four months. But after being off it, even doing other things, I didn't lose the weight I wanted and my health got worse. I need the exercise and the protein and the vitamins. So I'm on it regardless.

Today is day four. I didn't exercise today. My left knee is hurting. But I can exercise tomorrow and make it up. As long as I don't go too many days without working out, I can skip a day here and there. It's not a 7 day a week exercise plan.

I do want to lose weight. I'd like my size 10s to be lose again. But most of all I want to be healthy.