Studying for history

My son has a take-home history test to take sometime this weekend. We have made flashcards and have been studying. Hopefully he will get all the answers done correctly and be able to do a good job with it.

I plan to enter the questions into the computer and let him type his answers because his handwriting is so awful and he takes so long to write. He's not a fast typist, but he's way faster at that than at writing.

His writing is improving, however, because he has to take lecture notes for history class for an hour twice a week.

You know, I loved history, but I found it annoying after a while to have to remember all these dates and places that I could easily look up if I actually needed to know. Now it's even easier to look them up. But still teachers are requiring that you memorize them and are tested over them.

Oh well. At least your short term memory gets a workout.