How Smart Are You?

I've always been a fanatic about taking every test that came down the pike. I can tell you my IQ according to tests at 5 year intervals probably, since I was 16. I know where I am on the Stanford-Binet test and how many others like me there are in the US.

Today I found Emode's IQ test. I didn't really expect much from it, but it matches within a point the numbers I got from others, including the ones psych grad students give people to practice.

The test is fairly long but as far as I could tell wasn't timed. (I failed one IQ test on the net for timeliness.)

This site will tell you how like others you are in terms of your score. I have a cousin who is in the top .5%. It was always a pain trying to beat that. I never managed it.

I like IQ tests and other tests that tell us things about ourselves. Also the place has some report (I didn't order that) and tells what kind of intellect you are based on your test. Mine said I was a writer. (What a shock.)

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