Presently Reading

I have not been reading much besides school stuff for the last seven weeks since school was getting started. I almost thought I was sick, but then I remembered how busy I am.

However, I have made my bed for the last four days in a row (something that hadn't happened since August 25) and I am reading.

I am reading The Book of Heroic Failures by Stephen Pile.

I am also reading The Silver Gryphon a sci fi anthology by Golden Gryphon Press celebrating their 25th book, I think. Has some fascinating stuff and some boring stuff. If you liked the lady who writes about Dr. Seuss's company in the future (can't recall her name), she has a story in there. It's pretty lame, but it is a story.

And I began reading and finished reading, both today, Jean Fritz's Make Way for Sam Houston. I enjoyed hearing about how he ended up married three times. I was worrying about that for a while. It was interesting to read that a minister refused to baptize him because he was a sinner. (Guess Jesus only came to seek and save the saved or something.)

My son has to do a report, including an AV presentation, on Sam Houston. The whole thing is due on October 13. But there was a book report due at the same time, so he started on that first. Turns out she changed the date for that. Now we really need to get on the ball and get working on his report. Since we don't live too far from Huntsville I am hoping that we can go up to the steamboat house and do video footage there. Even if we wrote a script and my son read over the footage, it could be really fun. For all of us, I think. Work for my husband, to edit the tape, though.