Midterms are next week. I had my students take home short answer or essay questions. I've already had people say they did them. One guy said it took him three hours. I wasn't expecting it to take that long!!! E- took it and spent less than an hour on it. Maybe if the students do well I should count it as homework and as midterm.

In class they will be taking grammar and vocab tests in both classes. My older classes will also have lecture note tests. I think overall they will do okay on them. I would like them to be done early so we could grade them in class, but I am not expecting that. Actually, I have planned the younger class will finish, so I guess I could have them grade their own. Then they would know what they made.

I am thinking that for their midterm report card the only thing they will get is a letter grade. I'll have to find out what everyone else is doing. The head really likes consistency between/among the teachers. It would be easier to just write A, rather than 91 or 97 or whatever. But, a B (80 or 89) might matter to someone. Actually, it probably matters to all of them. I'll just go with what I have to do.