Elvis: Historical figure of great importance (and Chuy's)

I had a student telling me that Lilo and Stitch, Disney's movie, is great because it brings Elvis to the younger audience who might not know about this “historical figure of great importance.” I liked Lilo and Stitch, but Elvis is not that important.

I did recommend Chuy's to her, since it has an Elvis shrine and celebrates his birthday with fried chicken covered in potato chips with green chilies.

Of course, I used to hate Chuy's food. But after eating there maybe once a week for the past five years, I have finally gotten used to the food. The service is extremely variable. Jose is great. Other servers are atrocious. –Had an atrocious one today.– But my kids love Chuy's, so I kept going. My favorite time to go is during the Green Chili Festival held in September. Then they've got freshly roasted green chilis hanging out to buy. Like that. You can watch them roasting them outside.

Anyway, back to Elvis. Yes his music was a change at a time when change was accepted, but for the man himself, he was not that important. His life was sad. He didn't deny himself anything and he eventually died from it.

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  1. I have always questioned why society chooses to idolize a man who died of a drug overdose. After abusing his body, destroying his marriage and living a life of extreme excess, wasting incredible talent.

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