Dinner and Pool

I was standing at the door of Dave and Buster's waiting for R to come in. I was wearing high heels, so he let me off. I looked good: high heels, tight vest, mini skirt. As I was waiting a guy came by with a friend, touched my arm and said, “Give the Jim a break.” Then he smiled, looked at my legs, and said it again, with his hand on his heart. That was fun.

R and I had fun before we ever left on our date.

We did go to CA Pizza Kitchen to eat. I like the art. They have shadow boxes filled with their take out boxes painted with different things, onions, garlic, apple slices, egg plants, asparagus… It is different.

Then we went to Dave and Buster's to play pool. That was fun. I lost all three games and by the last one my feet were hurting, but it was still fun.

Unfortunately, I'm getting old and didn't sleep too well Friday night, so after the games instead of sitting down and people watching and eating dessert and then going to play video games, we went home and I went right to sleep.