Secret Sisters: Children's Books

I was trying to find something about secret sisters online and got stuck in Nevernever land with some awful music and my cursor would disappear when I got anywhere near the close button. Ouch.

This idea of secret sisters is something that groups do to get women in touch with women. The church we attend is doing it. You are supposed to write your sister a card each month and send her a small gift, less than $5. I didn't know what kind of information they wanted when I filled out my information sheet, so I am not sure that my secret sister is going to get anywhere with the info. I got a secret sister who is well-known and well-beloved in the circles I am hanging out in so, even if she hadn't done a great job of giving ideas on her sheet, I could have gotten her small gifts. But she did do a great job.

My secret sister collects children's books. So do I, but that wasn't on my list. Wonder if I can redo my information sheet?

I went looking at Half Price books for one of my favorite kids' books. I'm in Charge of Celebrations by Byrd Baylor. I was introduced to it as a new mom and although it is really too old for little kids, I love it. They didn't have that one.

I did find Clown of God by Tomie dePaolo. This is also one of my favorite children's books. Barney did some good. He introduced my family to Tomie de Paolo. The kids really liked him when they were little.

Another book I would like to find is James Weldon Johnson's The Creation. I heard it read by James Earl Jones and it always echoes in his voice when I read it. I don't like the illustrations in this book as well as some of my other children's books. Realism does more for me, but the poem is worth it.

Another favorite book of mine is Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge. I would like to be able to find it in hardback. Collector's of children's books tend to want theirs in hardback. That's the way mine is. It is in fact available in hardback, but for more than I am supposed to spend on the present each month. (Can I fudge?)

When I was in college my favorite was If I found a wistful unicorn. It's available in hardcover for less than $10. That's amazing.

Another favorite of mine, though I actually love the art more than the poems, is Storm on the Desert. It is illustrated by Ted Rand. I'm impressed. I can get it at Amazon for $11.20 with a school and library binding. My mom bought it when she was in Arizona and gave it to me when I mooned over it. Maybe I should buy two. One for my secret sister and one for my mom.