Christmas present

I know we're starting early, but I got a Christmas present today. A queen size bed.

We had a full. Four years ago we bought a queen size bed. Within a year we were rolling into the middle of it. However, being constantly broke, we just kept rolling. Then my folks bought my eldest a full size bed. It was well made and didn't roll. So we traded him. Over two years of sleeping on it and it's still rock solid. So my folks bought us a queen size bed today. My dad brought it over, moved the full size upstairs to my son's room by himself, and put the bunk beds back together in my youngest's room.

My husband wasn't thrilled. (Pah on him.) I figured we spent bunches of money on a bed that didn't last and my folks picked out the boy's bed, which did last, so we should be glad. We're much less likely to get one that doesn't last AND this is the bed I wanted anyway.