Dreaming and possibilities: Furniture

We don't have the money, so it sure won't happen anytime soon, but I've been dreaming about furniture changes in my house.

I would like new sofas. I don't think I've ever had a new sofa in my life. I've only bought one sofa in my life. That was used. All the other sofas I've had were hand-me-downs. (Thank God for rich relatives.) Of course, one of my relatives has said they are going to get rid of their year old leather couches because they don't match the house. If they do, we'll get those. (Whoohoo!)

My husband wants a dresser. Not a new one. We don't have one. But he's decided he's tired of keeping his underwear and socks in a big box in the top of his closet. I thought if we had one we should have two. He said there's no point in that. (Hasn't he heard of symmetry?) But one is definitely more doable than two. I found a beautiful one at samsclub.com. But it's a bit out of the price range except for dreaming. It's $675. I am hoping to find one at Cost Plus World Market. That's where we got our beautiful bookshelves and I would love to have a dresser that is made of the same wood.

We would also like a bed frame. But the cheapest we've seen one that is the kind we like is $1000. That's not going to happen for YEARS. Just don't have that kind of money for a headboard. Don't need a headboard anywhere near that badly.

I would like a new dining room table. I have a vintage one I love but despite having had it fixed once, it's breaking/broken again. I have looked and there are Duncan Fife tables available, which is what I have, but in a sturdier manner. However, a poor condition one is $275 and a good condition one is $700.

However, my husband has figured out a way to make some changes that I have wanted. We're going to be moving furniture next weekend. (Provided it doesn't rain.)

We're going to move the table in the office (a large room over our garage) into the dining room where it will be covered with a tablecloth to disguise the fact that it is oak and the chairs are cherry.

We're going to take the boys' computers up to the office and hook them up there. The table they are on will go in the garage. I don't know what we'll do with the desk. It's usable, but we don't have any poorer friends. We're the poorest people we know. I guess we can see if one of the charity shops will come pick it up.

We'll take my desk out of our room and upstairs to the old computer room. The old dining room table will go up there as well. I'll take the leaf out and fold the ends down and it will make a sturdy enough table to hold some pictures and a knick knack or two. I am going to take my grandfather closet (an armoire my grandfather made) out of the closet and put it against one of the walls in the computer room. I've already taken a bookshelf up there and sat my dollhouse on it. I'll have to decide whether to take my school books up there. (Probably.)

We'll take the foozball table out of the media room and move it over to the office. Basically we want to turn the office into a teen room. If we get the leather couches, our old green couch will go over there as well. If not, I am thinking about moving one of the living room sofas up there. But the living room sofas are cream and we'd need a slipcover for the couch at some point. Those are definitely cheaper than a new couch, but still a lot.

That will give us new arrangements of furniture in our dining room, bedroom, media room, computer room, and office. That's a lot of movement. If we take a couch out of our living room, we'll have changed up six rooms. That's good. I was getting bored.