Going to talk to the head

Today I was planning on talking to the head and saying, “I feel as if I am being barraged from all angles and there is no relief. I am not the parent. I can't be the parent. I can't even be “the teacher” like a homeschool parent is. All I can do is tell them how to do things, give them guidance if they ask for it, and move them along on a certain learning pathway.”

I came into work this morning and Mrs. F was talking to the head. The head was saying, “Oh my. I feel as if I am being harrassed from every side and I just want to quit. I talked to S and D about some ideas for relieving problems and …”

I did tell her I was going to talk to her, but that now that I know that it's not just me, that it really is happening like that, I feel a bit less stressed.

Think I'll write her an email and tell her what good things happened at school today.