Hospital calls

Today I have gotten two phone calls about people in the hospital here in Houston. Considering I know just about no one well enough to be aware they're in the hospital, that's a bit amazing.

One phone call was from C telling me his wife M is in the hospital. We were hoping her not feeling good was morning sickness. Nope, it was gallstones. I called to try and speak with her, but she was napping.

Another call was from my mom asking me to call MW, who I don't know, to give her some encouragement. She's been bleeding and is pregnant, so they've put her in the hospital for the rest of her pregnancy. Since I've been there/done that and have a healthy son out of the deal, Mom thought I might be able to encourage her. I called her. She wasn't answering the phone.

So… two people in the hospital. Two calls made. Neither one connected.