Money Matters

I was looking for a site which actually gives the study about money being the number one problem in a marriage, but I didn't find that. Instead I found suggestions and scary stories. These follow.

Marriage and Money 101 on is about the necessity of discussing finances before you are married. I am not sure that will help. Engaged couples tend to be googlie-eyed and think they?ll always agree. But it?s a place to start.

Another site talks about tying the financial knot. It says the way you discuss money can make a huge difference to your marriage. It also talks about prenups for regular people. So before I go into a marriage, I am planning how I am going to get out of it?

This page in Ladies? Home Journal is one of those ?can this marriage be saved?? with a counselor and a couple. This one is about money. He wants to spend it. She wants to save it. It?s gotten so he?s rarely home because they argue about it so much when he is. It?s very interesting because I am a lot like the wife in the article, although my husband is definitely not Charlie.

Another article, this one in Christianity Today, tells about a couple who got along fine when they didn?t have much money, just starting out. It was once he started making more that they got into a spend mode and ended up with credit card debt they couldn?t pay. They?re working on getting out of it and have even managed a trip to Hawaii off work frequent flyer miles, but it has been a struggle.

Money Central offers this article Romance Can Wait discussing how spenders and savers can work out a plan by which they can live and not drown in debt.

Does anyone know where I can access an actual research study on money problems in marriage?