Trunk or Treat

My mom's church has their church parking lot full of cars decorated for Halloween. Then the kids come in costumes and get candy from the different people hanging out at their cars. My mom, who loves to eat candy, has decided it's not good to hand out candy. So last year and this year we did a fishing booth. The prizes were things from the dollar store.

We had baby toys, like rattles and teething rings. We had toddler toys like play microphones and playdough. We had young elementary school toys, like feather boas and army men. We had older elementary school toys, like perfume and magic cards.

My mom's church is huge, but not all the folks have kids in that age range. And not all those that do, show up.

But tonight I was the “fish” for 100 toys given away to kids in the crowd. Someone asked, when I wasn't the fish, whether the church sponsored this give away. I said, no. It's my mom.

I go buy all the toys, she gives me the money back, and we all go out and help her do it. My youngest was much better at the work than my oldest.

We had fun. And except for one kid, who lied several times with a straight face, it was great fun.