Weekend Work

We are getting involved in a small group Bible study. It’s at B and R’s house. They have three little kids, K, 3, and 7 months. R really wanted to get to know them. We invited them over, but they couldn’t come. However, they invited us back two nights later, so we have actually been to their house. She came over with the baby on Thursday for two hours for lunch. That was fun. She is a very down-to-earth kind of person. She’s very sweet too. –They looked at this house to buy when they moved back here! So she’d actually been in the house before.

This Bible study has two of the couples from our Monday night study in it and R’s best friend’s family are in it as well. I’m not sure that is a great idea for us, except that we are coming into it after they’ve been going for a few months, so at least we won’t be brand new to everyone.

Our Monday night group has gone to a marriage seminar video series for five weeks at the church. We skipped the first. I begged to go to the second one. Yuck. It was such a sleeper. I don’t think we will be back, but we went our token time. One of the couples in our Monday night group is on the edge of a divorce. She’s a Christian, but wasn’t following Christ when she dated and married her husband. He’s not a believer and doesn’t really see any reason to be. They are having a lot of problems, obviously. As far as I can see, he isn’t the one wanting out, she is. The only way they would go is if our whole study went, so we did. I hope it helps them. They’re both nice folks, just not getting their expectations met.

Next semester I will be teaching on Monday night, so we probably won’t get to go to the study. I am sorry for that, but I am glad to calm my schedule down a bit. I’ll have two once a week college classes instead of one once a week and one twice a week. It should keep the classes much closer together in work output. Six or seven of my TTH students are planning to sign up for my Monday afternoon class. I am excited that they liked the class that much. It is not because we haven’t worked. We have. They’ve written four regular papers, two persuasive research papers, with drafts, and will have three more papers by the end of the semester.

Grading got so overwhelming that I quit doing it. However on Wednesday I finally realized that wasn’t going to work, so I made a schedule. Grade English 2 and 3’s papers on Thursday. Grade Saturday’s papers on Friday. Grade TTH’s papers on Saturday. Then start on Saturday’s papers on Sunday. I’ve done all of that up to Saturday’s papers tomorrow. I’m not sure I will manage that because I have to help E with an essay for English and M has a history test to study for and take. We didn’t study Thursday because I was feeling sick. We didn’t study today because I took a three hour nap. So we only got one good day of studying in. Hopefully we will have about an hour to study tomorrow and then an hour and a half for him to take the test.

E went to his first lock-in. I thought we should all take him up to the church to catch the bus. (The lock-in was at Lazerrage.) R was actually kind of freaked out about him being old enough to go to a lock-in. As I wasn’t freaked, I thought that was funny. Our kids are definitely getting older.