We are having a costume party. I want to go as someone elegant and sexy. Apparently that’s hard to do in a size 12 body. (Yes, I’ve slipped from my size 10, but I am doing Body for Life again.)

We went to a 20,000 sq ft warehouse and mostly what I discovered was that I would rather buy the clothes than rent them. They just seem dirty. Well, actually some of them were dirty. But they seemed rather old and tired. Something you would wear on stage that might look nice, but not when you are going to be hugging and kissing your guests.

I tried on six outfits. Two were too small. Four fit. Of the four that fit, I only liked two and one of those was torn up and needed to be repaired. I would love to wear it, but… I was so disgusted at the end that I just wanted to leave.

I think for $100 I could find a regular dress. But maybe not. We’ll see.