Ambivalence and a return to old successes

I feel as if there is a drain on me somewhere. Energy is flowing out and not coming back in. I haven’t done much, but I feel worn out.

I’ve done less than I normally do and I just don’t have any energy. Today I was driving home from my parents and had to fight to stay awake. It’s 8:15 pm and I am tired enough I think I would go to sleep if I tried.

There are several possible explanations. 1) On Sunday and Monday I was feeling sick-ish and the boys actually threw up for hours. So I might have been/be fighting off an illness. 2) I think I have a minor yeast infection. I’ve been eating yogurt with live acidophilus like crazy. (Or once a day, but for me that’s a lot.) 3) I weigh too much and it’s straining my body.

It could be all of those. I am doing the best I can about all of them. I am taking vitamins, eating right, eating yogurt, and doing BFL.

I started Body for Life back up last week.

As far as eating right, I’ve been on it ten days, with one lapse when the boys were sick and I was trying not to get sick. I was totally exhausted and drank sodas with caffeine to stay awake.

I have not been perfect with my workouts, but I have done six in the last ten days. I need to be more diligent than that.

I have lost one pound. That’s all. But I usually only lose a pound a week on BFL, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I could make it sound like more by counting the day I had soda, when my weight jumped up two pounds, and say I’ve lost two pounds, but really it’s just one. I do hope that I will have lost two pounds by next week, when my two weeks is up.

If I lose a pound a week, then I should weigh what I did this year on my birthday by the time my bday rolls around in March. It’s a goal. I don’t want to lose everything I’d gained. Thankfully, I was able to stop and go in the right direction before I was that bad off. I had thought I would do it if I gained five pounds, but I actually gained 15 pounds before I decided I had had enough.

I guess that’s better than some people. I know plenty of people who just keep going in the wrong direction.