France and Freedom of Religion

According to an international report there was no increase in France’s restriction on religion in 2002.

That’s good. In 2000 they went to town. According to this report the assembly passed a bill that legally dismantles unpopular religious groups and imprisons members who attempt to rebuild them.

The Council of Europe had this to say.

“The French Act of 12 June 2001 to reinforce the prevention and suppression of sects which infringe human rights and fundamental freedoms should be reconsidered and the act’s definitions of the terms “offence” and “offender” should be clarified, the committee believes – even though an expert report requested by the committee concluded that the law was not incompatible with the Council of Europe’s values. Ultimately, should the case arise, it will be for the European Court of Human Rights, and it alone, to say whether or not the law is compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.”

Kuro5hin has an interesting article on the “equality” enjoyed by those wishing to wear religious symbols while attending public school. These religious symbols include things which their religion requires be worn. I think that’s getting into restriction of religion, whatever anyone might try to say it is.