Work Again

Classes start back up on Monday. At least at the high school. My college classes don’t start up till the 18th. That means next Saturday is my last free Saturday for a while, but hubby is out of town on business.

I spent the day today working on my syllabus for English 8/9 and English 10/11/12. Having that wide a range in one class does keep it interesting.

English 10/11/12 will actually finish the grammar book, the lit book, and most of the vocab book. Except for the analogies which will no longer be on the SAT anyway, so most people won’t care anymore.

English 8/9 will have read seven novels for class, about 20 short stories, about 60 poems, and seen one drama. They will finish the vocab book, sans analogies, but not the grammar book. Italics, quotation marks, apostrophes, and hyphens did not and will not get covered.

English 10/11/12 will have written basically the same research papers I require from my freshman first semester English course at the college, but over a much longer time period. They will also write three in-class essays, like those required of first semester freshmen. That’s their bonus for the class, although I am sure they would prefer to do without such a blessing.

English 8/9 will have read the classic books for their age group. I didn’t get to do as much as I would have liked, but they are only in class three hours a week. They’ve done well as a group, but the class is so large I am not able to work with them individually very much. One of my favorite students dropped the class this semester because of that. I was sad.

Anyway, the schedule is done. It should be totally do-able, so that I don’t have to do a lot of adjusting, but we’ll see. I have four essays plus one research paper for English 8/9 over the course of the semester. English 10/11/12 has two research papers (two different sides of the same topic) and 6 essays over the course of the semester.

I can’t believe school is starting up again. I was just starting to feel rested.