Sci fi and the devil

I just can’t get over the parent who is sure sci fi is from the devil. (See January 20 post.)

Two of my friends became Christians because of science fiction. Can’t remember which book convinced one of them, but the other read Atlas Shrugged and decided Christianity was true. (Don’t ask me how he got that out of the novel, I don’t know. God works in mysterious ways.)

I put in “Christian science fiction” on google and came up with some totally not related cites. I wonder what was up with that. I did, however, hit this interesting list. John Bibee, the first author on the list, goes to my old church in Austin. I’ve read a few of the others: Lewis, Lawhead, Peretti, Percy, Chesterton, Stasheff (a personal favorite), Bradbury, L’Engle, King…

I put in “Christian fantasy” and found a small list with Phillip Jackson and Lars Walker on it. I found a longer list that was mostly the sci fi authors listed above, but with fantasy stories next to their names.

Turtledove’s Byzantium book was on the list. Problems with Orthodoxy, but it says it’s a good book. I might want to read that one.