Wednesday and HS is over

It’s Wednesday and high school is over.

I had a parent come in today, after the final, wanting me to change two grades for a child. Some of the points were valid, but those papers were turned in multiple weeks ago. Ugh.

The final today was 50 words to put in sentences. I had the sentences; the student had to have a word that worked in the sentence. I didn’t think it would take too long. But I had one student take 2 full hours on it. Another took almost that long.

The students don’t like sentence tests because they are harder. The students argue that it ought to be enough if they know the definition or a synonym. But words aren’t duplicates. There are nuances to words that students don’t get from a synonym. For example, “depict” and “convey” are very similar words, but they aren’t interchangable in all circumstances.

I am much less stressed now, though I still have stuff to do. I guess whatever was wrong is better now.