Quick Weight loss

I spent $700 today so that I would have something to blog. Well, that’s what my husband said. “If you go to the Quick Weight Loss center, you’ll have something to blog.” So, now I have something to blog.

I told them I wanted to lose 54 pounds. That’s probably more than I want to lose, but I know it’s the MOST I want to lose. They told me it will take 16 weeks. Four months. In 9 months on BFL I lost 45 pounds. I started ten pounds heavier. I stayed at that for several months. I couldn’t lose more. I exercised more. I ate less. Nothing. So I gave up. Now 18 months after giving up, I’ve gained back 25 pounds.

My goal is NOT to ever be this heavy again. In fact, I said I’d never wear size 16s again. That I’d go naked before I did that. But I had to go to my aunt’s viewing (you know, when the person’s dead) and I didn’t think I should go naked to that. So I now have some slacks that are 16s. I am seriously thinking about giving them away, but first I need to make sure that I can go to church in some clothes. Wouldn’t want to go naked to church, either.

So I am going to the QWL for short.

Here’s what I was told.

1. Eat one of these meats, as much as you want, as often as you want, for the next three days. But you can only eat one type of meat. –I chose beef.

2. Eat any of these raw green vegetables. (Then, in case you don’t know that they aren’t green, they tell you not to eat carrots or tomatoes.) They have to be raw. And you can’t have raw peas, no matter how green they are.

3. Have 2 eggs for breakfast for each of the next three days.

4. Have a half an orange twice a day for the next three days.

5. Don’t weight lift.

6. Come in tomorrow.

So, there you have it. You too can start the diet. I’m going to. I went and bought eggs and oranges. Doesn’t that sound good? Egss and oranges. (Yuck.)

However, they “guarantee” three to five pounds a week weight loss. If I can do that without losing lean body mass, it will be a miracle. I am, of course, perfectly willing to accept miracles.

So I guess I’ll be blogging.