Stress over weight loss plan/cost

Today I went in for the full plan at the Quick Weight Loss Center. It’s very restrictive. And it’s expensive. If I bought everything I need for the year today it is an additional $1200. If I don’t buy it today, over time I will pay $1700 over the initial fee.

Money stresses me out more than a restrictive diet. Although this can be considered an eating plan, it is very restrictive. It is only good for you foods. Do you ever get to have a cookie again? It doesn’t look like it.

You have between 13.5 and 16 oz of meat per day. But you may only have beef twice a week. And never two days in a row or in the same day.

You can only have one serving of canned tuna a week. And you only get half the can. Normally I have a can as a serving. You also can’t eat tuna on the same day as you eat beef.

You can have 16 oz of chicken a day, every day, if you want. Of course, I am not a big chicken fan, so that doesn’t thrill me. I’d rather be a vegetarian again than eat chicken every day.

There are lots of fish you can have. But I have never liked fish. Never wanted to like fish. Never enjoyed any fish that wasn’t covered in bread. (Except tuna.) But you can have 14 oz of fresh tuna a day. Or 16 oz of cod. Or 16 oz of flounder. Or 14 oz of lobster. Every day.

You have four servings of veggies a day. But two are cooked and two are raw. But they all have to start raw. You have to cook them fresh. So if you want green beans, they have to be in season.

You have three servings of fruit a day. You may not eat them together; they have to be spaced out in the day and they shouldn’t be eaten after dinner. You need to have four hours of wake time before you go to bed after you’ve eaten a fruit.

You may have two cups of coffee a day. Or two diet sodas, that are not brown. (You can’t have the caramel coloring.) You may have unlimited decaf coffee or herb tea, but not unlimited decaf tea. In fact, decaf tea isn’t even on the list anywhere.

You may have only six eggs a week, which means twice a week, because if you have eggs, you have to eat three of them. You can have egg beaters, but I’d think I could do my own egg whites for a significantly lower price. And you can have egg beaters every day if you want. I guess they are trying to limit the cholesterol.

You must have 80 oz of water a day, no more, no less.

You must have, once you pass the prep phase, two supplements a day. Only one is allowed to be a bar. And the bars are tiny. About a third of the size of a Myoplex bar. You’ve seen those small Atkins candy bars? They’re that size. For the other supplements you can have a drink or a dessert. The drinks are actually pretty good. As the woman in the class with me today said, “It kind of tastes like jello that hasn’t been put in the fridge.” I think it will taste good with ice in the blender, though it is very foamy. And there’s a recipe for a creamsicle, which is orange diet soda pop and the vanilla mix. Then freeze. Someone said it’s good.

You also get two starches a day. But these are tiny portions of starches. Half of a six inch corn tortilla counts as one starch. Half of a bread stick, a particular kind, counts as a starch. You do get two slices of Melba toast, if you can stand that. I’ve never been fond of Melba toast. But maybe if you put some sliced strawberries on it or something.

That’s the whole plan. Oh, except you get 1 T of either light margarine or light mayo per day. You have to eat those.

Then there’s the Essential Fatty Acid pills, the vitamins, the minerals and other stuff (but not ephedra), the carb blockers. Those are $1000 total. Then there’s the nutritional supplements. Those run about $650. For a year. I know that’s not much for food for a year, but this isn’t food. This is in addition to your food.

The good thing about the plan is that you don’t have to buy all your food there. I did that with Nutrisystem 13 or so years ago. It was fine while you were doing that, but the day you stopped buying your food from them, you ballooned up, because theirs was specially prepared.

So, the good thing is that even though it is VERY restrictive, you do eat regular food.

The bad thing is there are no off days, no light days, no “eat anything you want” days. So every bite you have off the program, hurts you. –Plus, it invalidates your warranty if you tell them about it. But if you don’t tell them about it then you’re not getting all the help you want/need.

So here goes day one of 365 days under QWL’s plan. I’m supposed to lose 3-5 pounds a week. That will be interesting to see happen.