Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 3, part 2

Bad news. My weight went up tonight, by about a pound.

There are several possible reasons:

1. I think I miscounted my water and drank too much.

2. I started my period, which always makes me jump a pound or so.

3. My lunch/supper meat may have had salt in the spices. I didn’t think so, but it might have.

Now, I didn’t go in today. They said I didn’t have to. Hopefully that is true. And I can’t go in tomorrow because it is Sunday and they are closed.

So I am looking at a full day to at least get back to where I was. I hope I make it.

My mouth is hungry still, even though my stomach is full. (That’s one reason I think I may have had too much water. My stomach is FULL.) But I can’t eat tonight anymore. I think I’d throw up.

Tomorrow we are going to someone’s house for lunch. It’s going to be a buffet, so I think I will be able to not eat, or only have veggies or something. I hope so anyway. I am planning to eat before we go. It means we will probably have to stop so I can get something to eat on the way. I think Wendy’s for chicken would be good. My kids are picky vegetarians, so I may take them through the Taco Bell drive through on the way, just to be sure they eat something.

I am thinking of stuffing an Ice Botanical in the car, in case tea is not available. I figure if I have a glass in my hand, no one will wonder too loudly why I’m not eating.

I am trying to decide what I should have for breakfast. I am actually leaning towards a protein drink. One of their supplements. I could mix it with ice and a diet Sprite. That would make sure I have protein. Which I need in the morning, but which is not on their schedule. Then I could have a starch with half my fat.

I could have one of my fruits, too. They don’t want you to eat those after 6 pm and they don’t want you to eat them together. So that might work.

This is not the most fun I’ve ever had losing weight, but it’s not the worst either.