Review of diets


20 June 2003 (see that date’s blog for more) I had been on induction for 2 weeks and lost 4.4 pounds. However, I was feeling very ill, nausea, weakness, no energy. I was at 159 to start.

Body for Life:

2 May 2003 Starting my fifth challenge.

8 April 2003

March (2002) went on BFL. I stayed on BFL until the beginning of February, when I began to go downhill and started losing muscle rather than fat. I was having to take naps again. I was sleeping 10 or 11 hours.

25 March 2003

I have a problem with losing words and sleep apnea. That was getting worse at the end of BFL, plus I was losing muscle those last two weeks. It had been getting better. But at the end of the 10 months, it took a sharp turn downhill. Those are the reasons I quit BFL.

20 February 2003

Body for Life after 44 weeks and a total loss of 45 pounds of fat and 27 inches. But the last two weeks of BFL I was losing muscle, not fat.

26 January 2003

After 44 weeks on BFL and having lost a final count of 42 pounds and 27 inches, I am bailing. I’ve been losing muscle, not fat, in the last few weeks and nothing I could do would change it.

23 January 2003

Day 52 on this round of BFL.

Physique transformation:

31 January 2003

This is day 5 of PT.

10 February 2003

Now I am in a new program. It’s a bit more difficult. You have to enter into the computer every food you eat. It doesn’t matter if you have something new to eat every day, but you have to include all of it.

I am tired often now and hungry, even though my calories are higher. I am hoping that will get better as I work through this.

14 February 2003

This new diet takes hours out of my day, “peeing and eating. That’s all I do.” my husband says. I think that would be true if you added in a bit of time working on the diet on the computer.

20 February 2003

In the three weeks, I’ve eaten more and LOST inches and weight. Three or four pounds and 4.5 inches. It is amazing.

25 March 2003

The eighth week on PT.

8 April 2003

I started looking for another weight loss program. I did ten weeks of Physique Transformation. I began to get better. I gained eight pounds of muscle and lost four pounds of fat. Then the last week of conditioning, I gained fat. Then I went into fat burning. First week, lost five pounds. Second week, gained three pounds. Third week, gained a pound. I couldn’t stand that, so I quit. But I was also feeling worse again, starting to have to take naps again. NO!