Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 5


That was my weight this morning.

So I’ve lost five pounds. Supposedly. Haven’t lost any inches that I know of. I should probably take my inches. They did it at the center, but I haven’t done it. At the center, I haven’t lost any inches. That would be weird. Five pounds and no inches.

I am actually feeling fairly well. So this is much better than Atkins.

The supplements are a lot more than I thought they were. The herbs for one month are $135 a bottle. Which makes just the herb stuff over $1200 for a year.

The bars, by the way, taste nasty. Not “I can’t eat this” but “I don’t want to have to eat this.” I had the peanut butter crunch bar with chocolate. It was dry and chewy and hard to eat. Not flavorful at all.