7 oz of turkey is a heck of a large turkey breast slice. I thought I was going to throw up, though, trying to eat it “dry.” I had it fresh out of the oven, so it was actually moist, but I am used to having ketchup with it.

Then I remembered a recipe I used to make on BFL all the time and I got up and made it. Thankfully I hadn’t eaten all my veggies today, so I could make it.

It’s turkey, lemon juice, fresh tomatoes, green onions, green chili peppers, cumin, and black pepper. There’s a lot else in the original recipe, but that’s what I put in it.

It was very good and it was much better than eating the turkey by itself or with pieces of raw fresh veggies.

I’m going to have to look for more things like it that I like and can make on this diet. It’s so fresh veggies. No canned foods. No preservatives. The only processed foods you eat are two slices of diet bread a day, if those are your starch choices. And lite margarine. You have to have that.

I thought this diet might be a good way to tell if you were wheat allergic, but it’s not. It does have those two slices of bread. Of course, I don’t have any sugar except what is in fruit. You know that wheat, sugar, something else diet everyone was doing a couple of years ago? A girlfriend of mine lost 50 pounds in six weeks on that. She is allergic to one of them. (Deb S.)

If I dropped tomatoes and potatoes, I’d have no allergic foods in the diet at all. But I’m still having those. Just at a considerably lower frequency than I had them as a vegetarian, for sure. Since you are onlly allowed potatoes three times a week, those are probably not going to hurt me. However, I am eating a lot more fresh tomatoes than I have eaten in years. I may have to cut back or risk my skin tearing up when I touch them again. (That’s what happens when I’ve been having too many. Just handling them acts like a light corrosive acid does on metal, burns the skin off till it splits.)

Oh, wait, I’m also allergic to caseinate and that seems to be a main ingredient in some of their supplements. It was listed number one on one of them. I don’t remember which.

The supplement I had this afternoon was the chicken noodle soup. What it really is like is chicken broth. But I like that, so it wasn’t a problem. I also had a piece of toast with my margarine on it. It was a nice, light meal. Of course, they tell you they aren’t meal replacements. They’re supplements. That’s good, because there isn’t enough to them to be a meal replacement. They have quite a bit of protein, supposedly, though. Makes it nice to get your protein from a drink that is actually somewhat palatable.

The last drink of the wildberry passion is not as good as the rest of it, but aside from that it’s pretty good. I mix it with crushed ice and diet Sprite.

I was going to try the lemonade today, but I chickened out.

I also thought about eating another bar, but that first one was so not good and they’re so small anyway, that you just don’t want to.

I am going to try one of the dessert supplements tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. I think I’ll try the lemon pie recipe. (It’s not really lemon pie, of course, but…)

You know, I’ve been on this six days and haven’t made chicken yet. I’ve eaten chicken, but I haven’t made it. I’m not very good at cooking chicken. I’ll have to find some way to make it that it tastes good.

Italian sounds good right now, but since I can’t have pasta or cheese, that’s not going to happen.