Chocolate: Not available in the US

One of my students called today. It was a good call. She left a message to call her back. She’s going to Switzerland and has promised to transport chocolate back for me. Of course, I won’t be able to eat it for a year, but what do I care? It will be there, waiting for me. A tiny bite at a time.

I had intended to give her my whole summer allowance, but $600 of chocolate seems a bit excessive. Even if I weren’t on a diet. Then I thought just $100. But that ought to buy at least 25 bars. And do I really need 25 bars? No. Do I want 25 bars? Yes. But should I have 25 bars? Even if I don’t eat them for a year and then only have one tiny piece a day for a year?

I don’t know.

The chocolate is Cailler’s Lait Avec Noisettes. Milk chocolate with hazelnut. The bar comes in a mainly blue wrapper with white on it and small hazelnuts rolling around the colors.

I haven’t been able to find it to purchase in the US before. But you can get samples, little minis, with this bar in it now. For only $35. Think of that next time you buy a bag of $5 candy treats and think it’s too much. Plus, I don’t like a lot of the others. So $35 for a few of the minis is REALLY expensive. But oh I love that chocolate.

You would think the chocolates would be available, since Cailler was bought/absorbed/merged with Nestle. Nestle does sell here in the US, but they don’t sell Cailler here. I called the Corporate headquarters many years ago to ask.

Of course, Frito Lay doesn’t sell their delicious yam chips, available in Thailand, either. So I guess it’s a question of what the companies think the market will buy. I loved yam chips in Thailand. And even if I can’t eat them for at least the next year, I would still buy them if they became available here, just to help the market. I’d probably even pay my boys to try them.

Anyway, I have to call Kelly back tomorrow and tell her how much money I am going to give her to buy chocolates with. Wish I knew for sure what the bars cost now in Switzerland and what the exchange rate is likely to be. Oh well. I’ll just make a guess. When I used to live there, the exchange rate meant a HUGE bar was fifty cents. When my mom went about eight years ago, the exchange rate meant each bar was $4. That’s a huge difference. I guess I’ll figure on the bad exchange rate since the dollar is low.

Cailler makes the very best chocolate. Even if it isn’t readily available in the US.

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  1. Today’s conversion rate is $1 is 0.826037 Euros. You can get up to date conversions in the MacOS X calculator. Look in the Convert menu.

  2. Hi-I just got back from Switzerland (as well as Austria, Germany and Italy) and I agree 100% – Callier chocolate is the best! I bought some bars for friends and family and was curious to taste one and OH MY GOSH!! they are delicious. Let’s just say I ate a few gifts…I like chocolate and thought the best was Lindt or Godiva or even Belgian..nope Callier beats them all. The hazelnut ones are soooooo GOOD!

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