Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 7

This morning my scale said 180.4. It also said 40% fat. Which is 72 pounds. So depending on which day I take I could have gained 12 pounds in fat in the last week. -Yeah, like I believe that. I think I will just have to go with the idea that the fat poundage is a bit off because I’m not carrying any extra water. Or it’s been off all this time and that’s what I really have. Which is not a pleasant thought.

When I went in to weigh, in the middle of the day, with my clothes on, I weighed 183.5. That’s down 6 pounds from the first day, in the middle of the day with my clothes on, when I weighed 189.5. Mostly the same clothes.

I ate all my food.

It sure did seem like a lot. I started eating late and, at nine tonight, I still had bread, margarine, turkey, and a supplement to eat. I got it all eaten. It was fine.

I had the Oatmeal Cinnamon Bar today. It’s okay as long as you have something to drink. It’s a bit dry.

I had the lemonade today. It has an aftertaste. I mixed it with an Ice Botanical and that made it much better. Don’t think I’ll ever drink it by itself.

I mixed up a “pudding” with lemon and vanilla nutrient. YUCK. That’ll be the last time I try that. It was nasty.

I think I’ll get some orange soda pop and try the vanilla with it to see if it tastes dreamsicle-y. I mean, I bought the stuff, I might as well try it.