A Monday as a homeschooler

We got up early this morning, for us, to mow the lawn. But the lawnmower kept stopping. And I couldn’t get it started again. So we pulled it into the garage, grabbed math books and computers, and headed across town to my parents.

Try to explain to a pre-teen why algebra is necessary. (“Your dad used it this week in programming” only convinced him he didn’t want to be a programmer.) Then try to explain it to him while driving through Houston traffic. Then try to help him with his problems while doing that. I sure couldn’t look at them. It took us the whole hour to my parents’ but we did finish thirty problems.

Then we got to my parents, let the dog out, and both the boys and I sat down to do math. I worked on areas and perimeters with my 5/6th grade son. Then I worked some more algebra mania with my 9th grade son.

When they finished, they hooked up the computers and went to work on the stories they are writing. I think E took a break for a rant, though.

Then, when the nephew arrived from school, we all piled in the car to meet Grama at Chili’s. Grama had physical therapy this morning, but was through by 12:30.

We all tried to get my nephew to eat. My kids both ordered two lunches and only ate one. (Doofi.)

Then we took Grampa back to his house, picked up the puppy, and drove the nephew home. M wanted to see the baby, but when we went in, she and my sister were upstairs sleeping. So he went back out to the car. So much for my social boy.

I went up to see my sis. She and I put the baby down, but then RG decided it was time to wake up. So we went downstairs. I held the baby while she said hi to the nephew. Then I handed RG off and headed home.

The boys came in and worked on their stories some more. I went and ran some errands. Got their supper.

Then we worked on math again. I didn’t know how to do the algebra and their was no explanation in the book, so we went online and found the help in a college-level tutorial. Does that mean my ninth grade son is doing college level algebra? That’s a freaky thought.

M and I were supposed to work on his English some, but I forgot.

After the hubby and I ate supper, I took E to the bookstore. He and I talked about finances, ours, the nation’s, and the world’s. Then I read a book about a pixie becoming human and falling in love. It sure beat the werewolf sister who helped the FBI rogue track down her brother, who wasn’t an FBI rogue.

We came home. E took a shower. M filled water bottles. I did laundry. And the boys went to bed. I ate more. (On my diet.) Read the blog world news. And started this entry.

Never could get the lawnmower restarted. Yes, it does have gas.