Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 20, part 2 and so on

Well, they said I haven’t lost any weight in the last week. Of course, by that happening, we’re now closer in agreement on how much weight I’ve lost. They say I’ve lost 11 pounds. I say I’ve lost 10.

By not losing any weight in the last week, on their scale, I must give up food. But only for one day. That’s supposed to jump the metabolism up a bit. Or something.

I was right, they are making me give up one of my starches. I thought they might, so I ate both of them for today before I went in. I am also having to give up one of my fruits. YEAH. I am so sick of eating fruit. But only one fruit today. And only one starch tomorrow.

That, they say, will be enough to get me losing again. We’ll see.

I have drunk more of my water. I’ve already had half my water for today. Of course, the day is getting away from me. Maybe I should have some more.

I’m a bit hungry right now, but I am afraid if I eat, I’ll be more hungry later and not able to have anything.

I figure eggs and a salad for dinner. Then a supplement drink for after dinner.

I guess I could have a small salad now and a small salad later. I do have three of my veggies left today. I might do that.

Guess I will. You are being abandoned for a salad.


Well, I ate the salad. It wasn’t very good. But it did stop my stomach from hurting from the pills I’d taken. I’m feeling a bit blah and down in the mouth and I don’t really know why.

My hubby is thinking maybe the carb blockers are depressing him. That’s certainly a possibility. And if they are, then maybe they are doing the same thing to me. They’re certainly giving me gas.

I often eat when I am stressed. These days of course I can’t do that. So I’ve been going to bed for a nap. That’s a problem because I don’t really need the nap. At least, I don’t think I do.

Ten pounds in twenty days is a phenomenal weight loss. If it continues, it would mean 15 pounds in a month. Thirty pounds in two months. Before the end of this month it would mean I was out of the 170s and back in the 160s. Those are all good things. There are 22 more days in the month. That would be 11 more pounds. That would be 164. Okay, that would be incredible. To be back at 164 by the end of the month. That would be amazing.

They said to tell them if I exercised. But then when I told them, they said it only mattered if I exercised more than six hours a week. They don’t want me doing weights, which I’m not. But I could ride my bike half an hour every day and not make their “exercise” barrier. Maybe I should exercise whenever the scale doesn’t move.

This morning, when I first got up, it said 176. But by the time I was through showering and ready to eat, it said 175.6. I wonder if that’s cheating.

I’m doing much better after having thought about the 164 weight thing.