Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 20

I weighed 175.6 this morning.

It was totally amazing. Since I didn’t drink all my water yesterday, I was surprised.

I did get rid of my three size 16s which I bought for the funeral. They were a bit lose when I got them and I’m never going to wear them again, so…

Maybe this time when I get into size 10s I should get rid of all my size 12s. –I don’t mention any size 14s because I don’t have any. I never did buy any more of those. I just wore my 12s tight. But I didn’t want to wear tight clothes to the funeral home or the viewing or anything like that.

The QWLC offered me a “deal.” If I buy 40 boxes, I can get my bars for only $11 each. What the heck? They know you might not stay with the program, so they want their money.

Then again, one time they said the deal was 12 boxes. Then the next time they said the deal was 40 boxes. Then they said it was 12 again.

But they might offer the deal again, I already have about ten boxes in my house and I don’t know that I want to buy another 12.

It’s on the whole week so I guess I can think about it.