Tibetan Personality Test

A goofy thing I got in email.

It said my life is water. My spouse is evil. And pride is more important to me than love or family.

I don’t think so.

But it was intriguing to take. I like tests. And it was interesting wondering what they would say each thing meant.

Sometimes, though, they’re just too much. Supposedly if I send the email to three friends, in the next seven minutes I’ll lose 43 pounds healthily and be able to keep it off without any troubles. Yeah, like anyone except the National Enquirer would believe that.

2 thoughts on “Tibetan Personality Test

  1. I always enjoy these tests kinds of tests. I don’t agree with most of the results, but they are fun. I know that life is complicated and unpredictable enough that you cannot make up some formula that will, not only fit every life, but will make everything come out right.

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