Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 32

This morning my scale read 171.8, wtihout any hesitation or waffling. I didn’t sit around for a while and wait for it to go down. That was it. (Yesterday it took a bit for me to get to 172.)

So I have now lost 14 pounds, according to my scales.

By the scales at QWLC, I have lost 15 pounds in this time. Of course, I am wearing shorts now instead of jeans, and that probably makes a difference. At home I only wear me.

So I have lost 14 pounds. In a day over a month. That is not as good as I had hoped for, but is as good as they said. The lowest they were looking at for this amount of time is 13.5. The highest would have been 22. Obviously, I would have preferred the 22 pound loss. But whatever, I am glad I am making genuine progress.

My size 16s, which were not tight at all when I got them, are now gone because they were too loose. My 12s though are still a bit tight. (My loose 12s caught on something and had to be thrown out. But they weren’t loose when I started this.)

So I have made a full size drop. If every 14 pounds is a size drop, then I will need more than to weigh 160 to be a size 10.

With BFL I weighed 160 and was a size 10. Of course, BFL required exercise and weight lifting. This diet doesn’t require aerobics and forbids weight lifting.

So I am not substituting muscle for fat. I am just losing fat. Hopefully I will get to a point where I am maintaining and I can begin to work out again and lift weights. I would prefer to have lots of muscles than just be skinny. But I can’t do that until I drop my fat. I think it will give me something to help when I am trying to maintain. I’ll still be working on something; I won’t really just be sitting at a weight. I’ll be trying to sit at the weight while gaining muscle. I’ll be able to tell by my tape measure. If I lose inches but not weight then I’m gaining muscle.

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