H-town Blogs I like

My husband looked at the list (earlier) and said “these are all leftwing.” Since I’m not, I thought, wow, I should go back and look. But they aren’t. Or, if they are, it wasn’t obvious to me. But I am still going through the whole list and writing things down.

From the Heart A decidedly right writing left looking blog.


Serenity’s Journal


Went to this one and it has lots of gushing, which I like, because she’s obviously in a good place and having a good time. (Only 4 more months till her wedding!) So Daily exclamations, or something like that, is how it’s listed on H-town.

This blog is mostly pictures. I loved May’s shrines. Some of the others are just pictures. I won’t tell you which ones I liked the best. Explore. Some are fascinating.

This blog is very pro-America, pro-Bush. I especially appreciated the discussion of the electoral college.

This blog was fun and witty.

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  1. I’m glad you like my site! I asked my fiance whether he knew his friends asked me about going out with him – he says he cannot remember, but I think he did!

    Thanks for visiting – hope you come back!

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