Passing Up a Windfall

I was antiquing in a town way out in nowhere (go three different farm roads to get there) and found a beautiful Royal Lace pitcher for $175. I didn’t have my books with me and for all I knew it had been reproduced. I couldn’t afford that much for a piece I didn’t love and didn’t know.

Turns out the list price in the books is $500. (Update: I looked at it again and actually the book price on that one is $190. Most places are selling it for the low to mid $200s though, which meanst that’s what it really costs.)

I may start carrying my books in my car all the time and only bring them in when I want to read them in here, since I apparently don’t remember to take them with me when I go antiquing.

Would I have purchased it if I had known? The chances are good.

But instead I purchased a beautiful walnut (though it doesn’t look walnut to me) “bookcase” which is a glass curio cabinet about five feet tall and done in Deco style.

I would love to be able to have the piece. But the money is now a factor because I spent more than my “allowance” on the cabinet. And I still have to get my folks’ truck and head up there to get it. –It was so beautiful I couldn’t bear to pass it up. And then there’s the fact that it gives me more places to show off my blue glass.