Surfing the Web

Surfing the web can be dangerous. I found hundreds of dollars of blue depression glass that I wanted to purchase.

So I thought I’d do something safer. I went to H-town blogs and started surfing there.

Except that one of the blogs is called “Anonymous Rex” and, since my college bud Rex Gillit lives in Houston, I started reading it to see if it was him. Don’t think so. Can’t remember why now. So I stuck Rex’s name in Google to see what would turn up. I found out he and Dave have lots of money. (Or did. Don’t know if this is a new partner or an old one. We don’t stay in touch.) I also found out he’s the President (or was) of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Houston. I’m not surprised by that. He once wrote a symphony in his head, even though he didn’t know how to play most of the instruments. I can’t even recognize them, much less hear them make notes together that I’ve never heard before. Anyway…

So I thought I’d look for Mike Beggs, on whom I had a colossal crush in college. Please remember I was a lowly 17 year old junior when I met him and I acted like a 14 year old kid, probably. I doubt he has fond memories of me, though I do of him. He’s now the chair of the division of Religion and Philosophy Dept at Newberry College in SC.

Then I went looking for my best friend in college. I didn’t actually have to do that. I know where she lives (45 minutes away) and works (probably more than that, but for the same company my dad retired from). I have her email, address, and phone number. All I found was her name listed in her husband’s geneaology.

Then I decided I would look for some people from before college. So I put in Andy and Vivian Randall. I knew them from church in NY, which is where I went to high school. I put in their names and a picture comes up, saying Andy is now deceased. I went and looked at the picture. It made me want to cry.

I do have more people I know in Heaven now. Guess I have in fact hit middle age.

Went looking for high school buds. Didn’t find them. Remember more of them than I thought I did, though. None of my high school teachers are still teaching. Of course that’s not a surprise. Since I went to high school back in 76-78. Byram Hills High School, Armonk, New York.

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  1. Web surfing is a dangerous thing to do, as you say. We may have known each other at one point. I was looking for information on Mike Beggs, and Rex Gillit, both old roommates of mine from college days in Abilene and Houston. Found your 2004 blog on the subject of doing the very same thing. Somewhat eerie. You don’t reveal your name but mine is Daniel Massey. I also live in Houston area. Interesting blog. If you knew me, would be interested in a response.

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