Feeling ill

I am not feeling too great today. I’ve got a tummy ache. So, since lunch, which was eggs, I’ve had two fruit smoothies, to satisfy my fruit requirement for the day, and a lemon protein pudding, for my other supplement.

I didn’t eat a protein and two veggies. I just felt awful. Actually, writing that first sentence in this paragraph made me nauseous. That’s ridiculous.

I have to get well, too, because my dad is coming to pick up the boys and the dog tomorrow and letting me borrow his truck to go get the furniture in. (The bookcase/curio cabinet I bought two weeks ago outside Dallas.) My mom’s going to the airport, so she’s bringing the truck and Dad’s bringing the car. We’ll meet her for lunch and then I can leave.

I kind of want to go straight up there and come straight back, in the hopes of getting this over. I kind of want to go up there and spend the night with my friend and then come back on Friday afternoon sometime.

I can’t go get the kids till R and I can both go because I can’t take Dad his truck back and not have a vehicle to pick them up in. Since my car is in the shop…

Also, after Dad and the boys drop Mom off at the airport, they’re going to have to come back here to get the dog. She can still get out of the fence, so they can’t just leave her with the dog house and the fan till R gets home.

I am very tired, but I feel more energetic since I took a shower and washed my hair tonight. Wish my stomach felt better.