Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 32

This morning my scale read 171.8, wtihout any hesitation or waffling. I didn’t sit around for a while and wait for it to go down. That was it. (Yesterday it took a bit for me to get to 172.)

So I have now lost 14 pounds, according to my scales.

By the scales at QWLC, I have lost 15 pounds in this time. Of course, I am wearing shorts now instead of jeans, and that probably makes a difference. At home I only wear me.

So I have lost 14 pounds. In a day over a month. That is not as good as I had hoped for, but is as good as they said. The lowest they were looking at for this amount of time is 13.5. The highest would have been 22. Obviously, I would have preferred the 22 pound loss. But whatever, I am glad I am making genuine progress.

My size 16s, which were not tight at all when I got them, are now gone because they were too loose. My 12s though are still a bit tight. (My loose 12s caught on something and had to be thrown out. But they weren’t loose when I started this.)

So I have made a full size drop. If every 14 pounds is a size drop, then I will need more than to weigh 160 to be a size 10.

With BFL I weighed 160 and was a size 10. Of course, BFL required exercise and weight lifting. This diet doesn’t require aerobics and forbids weight lifting.

So I am not substituting muscle for fat. I am just losing fat. Hopefully I will get to a point where I am maintaining and I can begin to work out again and lift weights. I would prefer to have lots of muscles than just be skinny. But I can’t do that until I drop my fat. I think it will give me something to help when I am trying to maintain. I’ll still be working on something; I won’t really just be sitting at a weight. I’ll be trying to sit at the weight while gaining muscle. I’ll be able to tell by my tape measure. If I lose inches but not weight then I’m gaining muscle.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 26

This morning I weighed 174.4 or 174.2, depending on whether it was immediately on rising or before I ate. The 174.4 is what I weighed yesterday and Friday, with higher weights between.

According to QWLC, I have plateaued again at 177.5. I did this at 178.5 and 179.5. So apparently, for the day with clothes, I am getting stuck a lot.

Again they took a starch and a fruit. I gratefully surrender the fruit. The starch I complained about.

Turns out there is a vegetarian version of this diet. Which, of course, involves beans. You can eat beans. And corn. And potatoes. And cheese. And nuts. (Though you can’t eat the last two very often.) But if you go with the vegetarian version, you get beans every day, twice a day. You can have potatoes more often too. Believe it or not, the foods I was really missing are on the vegetarian version. Carrots. Bananas. Yogurt. Peas.

They said you can’t fluctuate between them, though. You have to pick one or the other. I’m pretty wobbly right now. It’s easier to eat out on the one with protein, but I sure am getting sick of this stuff. I wonder if I could try the vegetarian for a few weeks and see how I do.

It’s day 26 and I’ve lost 11 pounds. Of course, as of day 22 I’d lost 11 pounds. Which makes this BAD. That’s a five day plateau (count: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26).

Iraq, Prisoner abuse, and why we are there

Bennett wrote this article in May. But I don’t get around much on the net, so I just saw it. I thought it made a lot of good points.

Did you know the EU mainstays, except socialists, lost party numbers in the voting just over? Some Brits called for Blair to apologize for joining the US in the war against Iraq. I don’t like that at all.

Middle class life

To quote someone, “I’ve been poor and I’ve been rich. Rich is better.”

I know what it is like to count pennies for food and still not have enough. I know about having to turn off your electricity because you can’t afford the bills. I know about being hungry.

I don’t know about starvation. I don’t know about food stamps. I don’t know about other aid programs. We didn’t do any of those.

What does it mean to be middle class?

It means you have enough money to buy a house and have your utilities on. Maybe not on as warmly or coolly as you like, but on. It means you have enough money to buy food. Whatever kind of food you want. Organic. Junk. Fresh food. Frozen food. Canned food. It means owning a car that you can drive. Getting it fixed when it breaks, even if it means you’re a little tight on something else. It means working because you need the money to pay for your house, your utilities, your food, your car, your bills.

It doesn’t mean doing whatever you want when you want. It doesn’t mean having freetime and freedom to do what you will. It doesn’t mean a fascinating job that you love and freedom to do that job. It doesn’t always mean freedom to do the job you have, at least not the way you want to do it.

It doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to quit working. It doesn’t mean you’ll get to tour the world. It doesn’t mean you’ll have the nicest house, the nicest car, the most fabulous clothes. It doesn’t mean you’ll get to take vacations every year. Sure you’ll have time off, but you’ll probably spend it visiting relatives.

Being middle class means having enough money to support the American Dream. But not enough money to have the American Dream without working.

Being middle class means having some money in the bank. But not enough to pay for a major problem if it occurs.

Being middle class means having clothes, but maybe buying them from Walmart because they’re cheaper there.

Being middle class means sleeping in a neighborhood where you’re not terrified someone is going to break in or do a drive by shooting.

Being middle class means having something worth stealing but knowing that if it’s stolen, you can still live without it.

Being middle class means knowing where your kids are and being grateful for the knowledge.

Being middle class means having things to do and places to go. And doing them and going there.

Being middle class means you are richer than most of the rest of the world, but you don’t feel it because you know other people who are better off than you are. (Of course, you know people who are worse off, too, but who wants to compare yourself to them?)

Being middle class means you have more and less. More money, less time. Or more time, less money. Or maybe less time, less money, but more than you expected to have. Or more than your parents had. Or more than your parents had at your age.

Being middle class means knowing when you’re sick because you have money and/or insurance to go see the doctor when it looks like something is wrong.

Being middle class means knowing you can’t afford all the stuff you want and making choices.

Rant over. Got to go do something I agreed to do to help the community.

Being middle class means I have something I can give back. And it’s me.

Worthy Topics for Discussion

Reagan died. The whole world watched and discussed it and I wrote nothing here. Why not?

First, because it seemed as if everything had already been said.

Second, because Reagan impacted my life in a global way, but not a clearly personal way.

I am sorry that he died. But he had Alzheimer’s for ten years. He has been gone for a while. Hopefully he’ll be in heaven, which is a much better place.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 24

This morning my weight was back up to 175.6. That’s a very bad thing. I’m not really sure why it is. Bites, though.

If this diet works, it’s a good thing. If it doesn’t, though, it is not worth it. Too strict, too bland for me.

I’ve eaten all my foods except some veggies today and I need to do that.

I was much happier when my weight was going straight down. I guess if I go back down I’ll be happy. If not, I’m going to be pretty upset.

I just spent $132 on supplements. That’s only 6 weeks worth. And they were on sale. I saved $48 by buying a bunch.

This place is constantly having sales, so I guess you just have to wait until they are having a sale on what you want.

Tibetan Personality Test

A goofy thing I got in email.

It said my life is water. My spouse is evil. And pride is more important to me than love or family.

I don’t think so.

But it was intriguing to take. I like tests. And it was interesting wondering what they would say each thing meant.

Sometimes, though, they’re just too much. Supposedly if I send the email to three friends, in the next seven minutes I’ll lose 43 pounds healthily and be able to keep it off without any troubles. Yeah, like anyone except the National Enquirer would believe that.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 22

This morning I weighed in at 174.4. That’s 11 pounds in 22 days.

I also realized last night that I have probably not been eating enough protein. Do you know how much chicken 8 oz is? It’s TWO breasts. Not one. TWO. Seven ounces of turkey is a whole bowl full, if it’s ground breast. I have been trying to eat enough turkey and I measured my beef and tuna, but I thought that 8 oz of chicken was one breast, not two. Silly me.

So this diet is asking for about as much protein as BFL, but it isn’t in as many small meals.

Well, I already knew I could not eat the kinds of meals they said. That’s just too much food in one sitting, so I’ve been breaking it up. But it is difficult.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the amount of food and sometimes I have the munchies after I ate. I guess it depends on what I had.

I ran out of the wild berry passion drink. That was my favorite. Then I ran out of the lemonade. That was my second favorite. So now I am having chicken soup. (Which is really chicken broth.) It’s okay, as long as you let the added stuff steep. If you try to mix it up and then drink it, the little carrot bits are still solid as rocks. Yuck. But if you give it a few minutes, it’s pretty good.

When I go in today, or tomorrow, I need to replenish my drinks. And I’m about half way through my bars. So maybe I should purchase the 12 boxes for $11 each. I know what I like and I’m going to be on this for a while. Though I do want to try the caramel nut bar. It looked good and I love nuts and caramel.

You can only eat one bar a day, which is probably a good thing, because they have more calories and more fat, but they are very nice desserts.

The lemon chiffon pudding isn’t bad either, as long as it is cold. If it gets the least bit warm, it’s nasty. So when they say “cold” water, they mean cold water. Don’t try ice in the mix, though. That doesn’t help. I tried that. And measure. Too much water and it’s like a syrupy drink and not very good.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 20, part 2 and so on

Well, they said I haven’t lost any weight in the last week. Of course, by that happening, we’re now closer in agreement on how much weight I’ve lost. They say I’ve lost 11 pounds. I say I’ve lost 10.

By not losing any weight in the last week, on their scale, I must give up food. But only for one day. That’s supposed to jump the metabolism up a bit. Or something.

I was right, they are making me give up one of my starches. I thought they might, so I ate both of them for today before I went in. I am also having to give up one of my fruits. YEAH. I am so sick of eating fruit. But only one fruit today. And only one starch tomorrow.

That, they say, will be enough to get me losing again. We’ll see.

I have drunk more of my water. I’ve already had half my water for today. Of course, the day is getting away from me. Maybe I should have some more.

I’m a bit hungry right now, but I am afraid if I eat, I’ll be more hungry later and not able to have anything.

I figure eggs and a salad for dinner. Then a supplement drink for after dinner.

I guess I could have a small salad now and a small salad later. I do have three of my veggies left today. I might do that.

Guess I will. You are being abandoned for a salad.


Well, I ate the salad. It wasn’t very good. But it did stop my stomach from hurting from the pills I’d taken. I’m feeling a bit blah and down in the mouth and I don’t really know why.

My hubby is thinking maybe the carb blockers are depressing him. That’s certainly a possibility. And if they are, then maybe they are doing the same thing to me. They’re certainly giving me gas.

I often eat when I am stressed. These days of course I can’t do that. So I’ve been going to bed for a nap. That’s a problem because I don’t really need the nap. At least, I don’t think I do.

Ten pounds in twenty days is a phenomenal weight loss. If it continues, it would mean 15 pounds in a month. Thirty pounds in two months. Before the end of this month it would mean I was out of the 170s and back in the 160s. Those are all good things. There are 22 more days in the month. That would be 11 more pounds. That would be 164. Okay, that would be incredible. To be back at 164 by the end of the month. That would be amazing.

They said to tell them if I exercised. But then when I told them, they said it only mattered if I exercised more than six hours a week. They don’t want me doing weights, which I’m not. But I could ride my bike half an hour every day and not make their “exercise” barrier. Maybe I should exercise whenever the scale doesn’t move.

This morning, when I first got up, it said 176. But by the time I was through showering and ready to eat, it said 175.6. I wonder if that’s cheating.

I’m doing much better after having thought about the 164 weight thing.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 20

I weighed 175.6 this morning.

It was totally amazing. Since I didn’t drink all my water yesterday, I was surprised.

I did get rid of my three size 16s which I bought for the funeral. They were a bit lose when I got them and I’m never going to wear them again, so…

Maybe this time when I get into size 10s I should get rid of all my size 12s. –I don’t mention any size 14s because I don’t have any. I never did buy any more of those. I just wore my 12s tight. But I didn’t want to wear tight clothes to the funeral home or the viewing or anything like that.

The QWLC offered me a “deal.” If I buy 40 boxes, I can get my bars for only $11 each. What the heck? They know you might not stay with the program, so they want their money.

Then again, one time they said the deal was 12 boxes. Then the next time they said the deal was 40 boxes. Then they said it was 12 again.

But they might offer the deal again, I already have about ten boxes in my house and I don’t know that I want to buy another 12.

It’s on the whole week so I guess I can think about it.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 19

First, this morning I weighed 176.2.

Second, you should drink your water during the day. I forgot. Till 10:40. All day long I’d only had 8 oz of water. I managed to chug down an additional 24 in no time flat. The next eight took half an hour. Now I have 17 minutes to drink 32 oz of water. Like that’s going to happen when I already feel like a tug has run aground in my stomach.

I did eat all my food. I did eat it like they said, although I had my fruit late. But I just know I’m going to go in tomorrow and not have lost weight and they are going to take some of my food away.

Now if they would take some protein away I would be short term happy.

If they took one of my fruits away I would sing.

I would even sing if they took one of my veggies away.

But I am sure that what they would really take away would be my starches. And I need my starches. I love my starches. I only get two starches a day and they’re pretty minimal. (One is half a six inch corn tortilla.) I haven’t even cheated on my starches. But I am sure that is what they would take away. Why? Because it is the only thing which is processed. So they’ll take away starches and leave me with the nasty fresh raw foods I don’t want to eat.

The eggs have helped save me. But I can only have them three times a week. And I miss my tuna. I can only have it once a week.

I just cannot drink more water. Dadgumit. I should have realized earlier I wasn’t drinking much today.

Maybe all the rain threw me off.

Air and Colds: The Europeans Know

Reuter’s discusses a study which shows that the more outside air inside a building, the less germs in the air.

The Swiss know that. They’ve known it for years. When I was living there back in ’82 (22 years ago), one office building had not opened because the owners had ordered it with a/c. To the builders that meant the windows wouldn’t open. To the workers that meant the environment would be alive with germs. So no one had gone to work. They had to re-do the building so the windows would open. I think they also took out the a/c.

Texas and Cicada

When I was a child, these were the scariest things in the world. Even though we knew they wouldn’t hurt us. They were honking big bugs and they were loud. One of my cousins put a paper bag full of about twenty in the glove compartment of the car, knowing the owner would open it on the trip to pull out a map, and then let lose the whole caboodle.

Well, it’s periodical cicada time and the maps do not show Texas as a place where they come. Yet I know they were around in the panhandle (Plainview) when I was a kid. Also, found one of the outer shells on the porch two days ago. I meant to show the kids, but I forgot. Apparently the dog got to it, because it isn’t out there now.

Glad to know that is what they were. When I read about them I was like “yeah, we had those.” But then we weren’t on the map. I guess because we don’t have billions.

I cannot imagine having billions. Whew. Swarm the tree and scare you to death.


According to Real Live Preacher, Texas cicadas are not cyclical but annual and they come out on the hottest days. Therefore, by those who know, of whom I was not one, they are called “dog day cicadas.” There you have it. I knew we had those little rascals.

But truthfully, I haven’t seen one in years. Until this year. Maybe we have both and people just don’t notice our cyclical ones because we don’t have a lot. That makes a lot more sense to me.

Flags and flag-flying

There’s an end to when minority voices are more important than the majority. Or there should be.

BBC is asking whether or not it is okay to fly England’s flag. What the heck? Is it okay to fly a country’s flag? Of course it is. It’s the country’s flag. You live in the country. You ought to be able to fly the flag.

In my opinion, of course I’m one of the “far right” that one of the commentors disses, everyone ought to be able to fly the flag. I think if you live in the country you ought to want to fly the flag.

Probably the reason this is pushing my buttons has nothing to do with St. George.


Closer to home, three black Miami-Dade firefighters felt the sting of being on the wrong side of the new orthodoxy after they removed an American flag from a fire truck when starting their shift on September 15. Channel 7 aired a story on September 18, confirmed by the fire department’s public information office, that the firefighters refused to run calls if the flag was on the truck. They received death threats. People came by the Opa-locka fire station looking for them (they’d been relieved of their duties, with pay, pending an investigation.) “We’re lepers. We’re villains. Our fellow firefighters hate our guts,” says 20-year veteran James Moore. “You have this atmosphere created by the atrocity. I have the deepest sympathy for those who lost their lives and loved ones. But because of what has been portrayed, it has created a war frenzy, it has created this nation that just wants blood.”

The problem wasn’t that they were black. The problem was they weren’t willing to display the flag, a patriotic symbol of unity, when our country was attacked. They didn’t think it was any reason to fly a flag. They live here. They work here. They are protected by our laws. But they don’t want to fly our flag. That’s a problem. Probably not one worth getting suspended for, but yeah, it’s a problem.

Then there was the California version. This is from Urban Legends. But it’s true.

Anyway, in my opinion, anyone should be proud to fly the flag. Anyone should be able to fly the flag. Not flying the flag is okay. But there shouldn’t be any flack about flying it either. And there was. There still is. But mostly because of “zoning ordinances.” How can we have zoning ordinances which make it wrong to fly our country’s flag? That’s ridiculous.

A Monday as a homeschooler

We got up early this morning, for us, to mow the lawn. But the lawnmower kept stopping. And I couldn’t get it started again. So we pulled it into the garage, grabbed math books and computers, and headed across town to my parents.

Try to explain to a pre-teen why algebra is necessary. (“Your dad used it this week in programming” only convinced him he didn’t want to be a programmer.) Then try to explain it to him while driving through Houston traffic. Then try to help him with his problems while doing that. I sure couldn’t look at them. It took us the whole hour to my parents’ but we did finish thirty problems.

Then we got to my parents, let the dog out, and both the boys and I sat down to do math. I worked on areas and perimeters with my 5/6th grade son. Then I worked some more algebra mania with my 9th grade son.

When they finished, they hooked up the computers and went to work on the stories they are writing. I think E took a break for a rant, though.

Then, when the nephew arrived from school, we all piled in the car to meet Grama at Chili’s. Grama had physical therapy this morning, but was through by 12:30.

We all tried to get my nephew to eat. My kids both ordered two lunches and only ate one. (Doofi.)

Then we took Grampa back to his house, picked up the puppy, and drove the nephew home. M wanted to see the baby, but when we went in, she and my sister were upstairs sleeping. So he went back out to the car. So much for my social boy.

I went up to see my sis. She and I put the baby down, but then RG decided it was time to wake up. So we went downstairs. I held the baby while she said hi to the nephew. Then I handed RG off and headed home.

The boys came in and worked on their stories some more. I went and ran some errands. Got their supper.

Then we worked on math again. I didn’t know how to do the algebra and their was no explanation in the book, so we went online and found the help in a college-level tutorial. Does that mean my ninth grade son is doing college level algebra? That’s a freaky thought.

M and I were supposed to work on his English some, but I forgot.

After the hubby and I ate supper, I took E to the bookstore. He and I talked about finances, ours, the nation’s, and the world’s. Then I read a book about a pixie becoming human and falling in love. It sure beat the werewolf sister who helped the FBI rogue track down her brother, who wasn’t an FBI rogue.

We came home. E took a shower. M filled water bottles. I did laundry. And the boys went to bed. I ate more. (On my diet.) Read the blog world news. And started this entry.

Never could get the lawnmower restarted. Yes, it does have gas.

quick Weight Loss Center: Day 18

This morning I weighed in at 176.6, I think. I’m pretty sure that is what I weighed.

Yesterday it was 177 flat.

The day before that I didn’t lose any.

Canned tuna tastes WONDERFUL after sixteen or so days of eating chicken.

So I am at day 18 and have lost 9 pounds. That’s a pound every two days. That’s a good deal.

Of course, I’d like to have lost more. One woman came in and had lost 11 pounds in a week. I want that weight loss!

I want to keep a note that I cheated today. I ate an extra bar. I was hungry. I should not have done it though. After I ate it I read how much sugar is in those things.


The Assyrians came down like a wolf on the fold

Old line from a poem.

I am teaching a once a week kids’ class on historical figures and cultures starting in September. I am actually really looking forward to it. I’ve gotten most of one class done. I think I am overplanning and I will have too much to do, but better that than the other way, I think.

Most of the students at the school are Christian and the stated mission is to promote the study of God. So this course is based off stories in the Old Testament. We look at them and then we look at the history around them.

First week we are studying Egypt brick building, housing, and mummies. (The mummies are more for comic relief for the younger kids.) We got there from Joseph and Moses.

Second week we are studying the Assyrians and how scary they could be. Jonah and his fish are getting us there.

Third week we are studying the Philistines and the Phonecians. I think. We’re getting there from Goliath and Elisha. We may not actually do the Phonecians. I haven’t decided yet. Plus, it probably depends on how much info I have.

Fourth week we are looking at what it meant to be a shepherd, three thousand years ago. That should be interesting.

Then we switch to fighting techniques. I was hoping to get the video of Conquest’s Weapons of the Bible, but the History Channel doesn’t have it. Blast them! And they aren’t repeating the series. I’d buy them all if I had too, just to get that one. –Of course, if I had them all I would probably show some of the others later.

At that point I switched and went mostly into non-Bible related historical stuff. Although I do get to Alexander the Great in terms of Hanukah and the Festival of Lights for which Jesus went to Jerusalem.

We’re going to study Hannibal, Diogenes, Hippocrates, Ctesias, Plato, Solon, and some other dudes after that.

This summer I’ll probably be trying these ideas out on my boys. Although my youngest could possibly be in my class in the fall.

Baby released from ICU

R, my three day old niece, was sent home today, straight from ICU. That is good in a way. I am glad that she was sent home. But I also know that hospitals send home babies they expect to die, so I am not totally relieved that she was sent home.

She’s still having some trouble regulating her temperature. They have to keep her bundled up entirely. She still has a rash. I guess her breathing has improved. She does now make little whimpering noises.

My sister says she’s been eating a lot. My sister is tired but relieved that R is home now.

-Somewhat related note: A former babysitter for my kids had a baby last year whose brain was partially outside her head. The dr’s said she would die at birth. Then they said she would die in hours. She’s still alive. Hopefully they can figure out how to help her at some point. You certainly wouldn’t want her playing dodge ball.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 15

This morning I weighed 177.4.

I took a bar with me, ate an apple on the way, and bought water. Then I spent the day at the hospital. With R in ICU and getting worse, someone needed to stay with my sister. Then my nephew wanted to stay. He’s three. So he needed someone to watch out for him. He made my sister less stressed.

I took A out for lunch and went to Wendy’s to get a chicken sandwich. We also went by Target and got him a toy and his mother a brush.

I am tired and sore and looking forward to my date. I guess I should get dressed.

How to figure BMI

Check out this site at Reuters to see if you are overweight.

To figure Body Mass Index

*Multiply weight in pounds times 703

*Divide that number by height in inches.

*Divide that number by height in inches.

25-29.9 is overweight

30+ is seriously obese

–I’ve been a bit worried about my son, but his is 18. Guess I don’t need to be.