I do have some short term goals right now.

1. Get M’s handwriting up to grade level.

2. Get M’s school books. (Monday at the ABeka sale.)

3. Get E through algebra, one way or the other.

(He says he wants to go to public school so he doesn’t have to do algebra. The problem is he’d have algebra for a year if he went to public school.)

4. Lose weight. Get to where I look good naked.

5. Help the boys develop good personal hygiene habits.

6. Get the yard looking nice and keep it that way.

7. Keep the house looking nice.

8. Get the dog house trained.

9. Get M’s spelling and punctuation up to grade level.

10. Help M learn his math better.

I have some long term goals, too.

1. Keep the weight off. Stay healthy.

2. Get the kids through high school in a healthy environment.

3. Get out of debt.

4. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary.

5. Be able to retire and well enough to travel.

I guess goals are good things to have.