Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 49

This morning I weighed in at 166.6. That’s 19.2 pounds that I’ve lost in the last 49 days.

If I continue to lose 2 pounds a week, by the end of the month I will be back to my several year low of 160. I will continue on after that, but I tell you, despite the food choices being severely limited, this works. I eat food which is good for me. Now, I also have supplements and pills, but I don’t mind those. Work with what works. Do what you can do.

I was discouraged three days ago, having been sick for several days. Now, though, I am just thrilled by my weight loss. (BTW, I didn’t lose any weight while I was sick.)

You know, two years ago I got down to 160 and stayed there for about 6 months. Then I switched food plans for eight to ten months, but never really got lower. Then I started teaching at the high school and gained 25 pounds in four months. (I guess that means I am stressed when I teach there.)

I am excited about the weight loss and hope it continues and that I can keep it off if I end up teaching at the high school again this year. (Which I need to financially, but right now it’s up in the air.)